We are excited to be launching the new 910Arts website!  We want the website to be more functional– and that includes having updated information and images for all of our tenants.  Kelly has created profile pages for some of the 910Arts tenants as filler content on the homepage and as a template for you all to see what it will look like. Every time the 910Arts.com page is loaded there will be 8 tenants shown on the homepage- chosen at random by an algorithm so everyone has equal exposure.  On the community page all the community members will be shown (again arranged randomly) and there are categories at the top to display each category (Painting, ceramics, mosaics etc.)


First, check here to see if you have already been added.


If you like your profile as it is, you’re all set!  If you want to use a different photo, or change the text, hours or add an external link to your own website, please provide that information below.  Remember, this is a snapshot of you and your work, not an exhaustive catalog. That’s why we ask you for a link to your website or facebook page so people can find out more if they like.


If you are not already on the Community page, please provide us with the following:



    Name (yours or your studio/company/business/gallery)

    Studio #

    Hours (If you are only open by appointment, say so.

    Classes (List hours/times or link to class schedule )


    CaféCeramicCollageCulinary ArtsEvent GalleryFabricFloral DesignGraphic DesignIllustrationInstallationsMixed MediaMosaicMovement ArtsMusicPaintingPaper ArtsPastelPhotographyOther (List below)

    Other Category (if not listed above):

    Website or facebook page:

    Brief description of you and your work

    (1- 2 paragraphs):

    Profile photo

    (This appears on your profile page under "About Artist"):

    Images of your work

    (5-8 images with a minimum width of 1000 pixels):

    Remember, this is a snapshot of you and your work to get people interested, not an exhaustive catalog. That's why we link to your website or facebook page so visitors who want to can find more in depth information easily.