The land and building at 9th and Santa Fe Drive in Denver, Colorado has been home to a variety of industries. In the late 1890’s and early 1900’s the original structures were used as a Livery (horse stables). From the 1940’s until the early ‘60’s the building housed the SevenUp Bottling Company. Since then it has housed a variety of auto-related companies as well as a textile/screen printing facility, which was the latest use of the property.

The building had been vacant for over 2 years prior to the acquisition by Spector Development, LLC.The building’s latest incarnation as an arts community will add to its diverse history as it grows and changes with the surrounding neighborhood.

Art is increasingly neglected as an important part of community.  The need to have affordable space to work and live for the creative community was the primary reason for developing this project.

Spector and Associates transformed these former light industrial warehouses (originally a livery) into a creative mix of “art warehouses.”  This project includes affordable lofts (priced for folks at 80% of the mean area income), work studios and a gallery and event venue within walking distance of downtown Denver.

910Arts is an invaluable showcase of truly integrated design and a functioning project that is also economically feasible. Every step of this project integrated affordability, green building, construction waste management, community, creative thinking, innovation, social responsibility and education.  These methods are continuously incorporated by its residents in the ongoing operation of the facility and its programs.