Green Architecture


910Arts is a wonderful example of the environmental, economic, and social benefits of green building. Spector and Associates, the architect and entrepreneur of 910Arts, wanted not just to construct a green building. They wanted to positively impact the social environment; to raise expectations by including the well-being of people, rather than solely focusing on natural resources and the built environment. How can you achieve more with your built environment, to construct a building that is far beyond just being green? You need a “perfect” mix of architecture, engineering, economics, ethics and creativity. Any innovation requires that you first identify and understand the problems. Determine what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading others to take new approaches to traditional methods.


910Arts integrates the above-mentioned issues to optimize the community within and without the built environment. Some of the “beyond green” aspects included social investing, collaboration with local organizations, training for minorities, green building education and awareness for youth (especially on recycling and reuse) and providing opportunities for locals to participate in creating the building and community. It is an ideal setting to provide information and showcase ideas on how to achieve built projects that are not only designed, constructed and operated sustainability but that go the extra mile to incorporate social benefits.  This socially and environmentally responsible project is a pioneer in the Denver area in that it has created a synergy of creativity and exemplifies adaptive re-use of an older building while incorporating a new addition.


910Arts is not just a building or a place, it is a creative community of artists committed to sharing their works and their passion for their art with each other and the public, it is truly an “experience”.