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Laura Pawlik

Atelier on Santa Fe Gallery

910 Santa Fe Dr, Studio 101, Denver, CO


Dreams are the inspiration behind Laura Pawlik’s recent works of art.  She started painting her dreams after she had joined a Jungian Dream Interpretation Group.  She found studying and interpreting dreams to be so beneficial and intriguing that she included painting them just as Carl Jung had.  The result was astounding.  Just as the subconscious works in dreams it also does in painting.  The dreams once painted were richer in meaning, had more clarity and more layers of meaning were applied with each coat of paint.  “Welcome to the Woods” is the name of Pawlik’s current exhibit at the gallery Atelier on Santa Fe.  Just as dream symbols are meaningful to interpreting the dreams so is the title of her current show.  Welcome to the Woods is not a random title but carefully chosen because it embodies all the chosen painted dreams on display.  Laura Pawlik was born Laura Woods in Butte Montana in 1967.  Her dreams are often about her unconscious dealing with unresolved family issues. The Woods family are in the dreams on display. They are often symbolized by the background of woods and of Georgetown Lake, a lake her father George often took her to.  The paintings are hauntingly beautiful, evocative and often poignant.

What’s unique about this art show is that everyone is enriched by studying the painted dreams.  It is like being in a dream group.  Conversations get started and feelings arise.  What begins as viewing another person’s dreams becomes personal and intimate.  Come visit Atelier on Santa Fe and experience an altered state of reality.





First and Third Fridays and by appointment


Dream Group - Coming Soon! Please call if interested. 720-236-0459

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