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profile_spectorSpector and Associates creates Innovative Strategies for the Built Environment. We are in the business of Ecological Building Consulting. We work to minimize the negative environmental impacts of our built environment through improved efficiency, systems integration based on eco-systemic structures and use of sustainable materials.

We re-think standard approaches to development, design and construction that help our clients incorporate innovative solutions while maintaining their budgets and achieving their goals.  We carefully consider how the entire building process affects our individual, social, and natural environments for our clients.

We integrate Research, Strategies and Design into comprehensive programs for our clients as well as providing training and workshops. We create lasting value by enabling our clients to achieve built environments that enable innovation and creativity within efficient and focused means. We follow a collaborative, integrated design approach with each of our projects. We believe that a team-minded approach using process-oriented strategies translates into cohesive and mutually-satisfying results.

Though Spector and Associates’ integrated services enable a thorough analysis of the foundation for a project and translate this understanding into effective solutions for our built environment. We excel as trusted consultants, facilitators, trainers and advisers to our clients.





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