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Studio 11 is a space to share — a place to be seen and to celebrate who you are and to share the stories you have to tell.  Studio 11 is a place that centers experiential therapy and expression. Whether for performance, profession, or healing we invite you to bring your full self in order to cultivate and honor the creative within you. Studio 11 aims to serve as host to a wide variety of experiential-based healers, advocates, activists, artists and creators offering services for the well-being of the community. We strive to center women, queer folks, and people of color through our events and offerings. We believe our therapeutic work will expand as we create space and take up space with and for our community.


  • Wellness office space: Half-day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly leasing available!
  • Event space: Pop-up Art Show, Art Market, Performance, and more!
  • Workshop space: Half/Full day rentals available
  • Hourly Studio Rentals (3 hr max): Perfect for yoga, dance, improvisational movement/theatre, rehearsal space, and much more!

For more information contact: Stefanie Raccuglia at 720-626-0274/ or Sam Field at

Stefanie Raccuglia PC is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered Dance/Movement Psychotherapist (R-DMT), and owns a private practice and consulting business based in Denver, CO. Stefanie earned her MA degree at Naropa University in Boulder, CO with a dual focus in Somatic Counseling Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy. Stefanie’s philosophy is deeply rooted in mindfulness and the blending of Eastern and Western philosophy and practice as a result of being entrenched in Naropa’s contemplative approach to education. Stefanie is a physical storyteller, creator and movement educator to those interested in embodying and expressing their own inner stories, either for performance/creation, or for their own personal healing. Stefanie has studied dance and physical theatre nationally and internationally, which has contributed to her knowledge and competence in working with multicultural and diverse groups.  She has choreographed and performed in various original Off-Broadway productions in NYC and has been teaching and choreographing dance to all ages and abilities for 15+ years. Stefanie continues to work as a choreographer for theatre companies across the Front Range of Colorado. Additionally, Stefanie is concurrently working on grants from the city of Denver to provide additional mental health support and creative healing in schools to youth who have experienced extreme trauma and adversity.

Specialities and Services

Stefanie specializes in working with the body-mind connection (somatics) to process traumatic experiences, both acute and lifelong, through modalities like EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Dance and other Creative Arts Therapies, and Mindfulness-Based Psychology. 

Stefanie primarily works with self-identifying females experiencing C-PTSD, survivors of sexual assault, disrupted body-image and disordered eating patterns, and low self-esteem related to ambition, productivity, and professional development. Stefanie’s work focuses on healing the relationship with self as the foundation to a satisfying, secure and creative life. 



– Individual psychotherapy


– Individual movement and embodiment study for self-awareness

– Trainings and workshops for employee wellness, emotional health and psychological safety in the workplace (non-profits, corporations)

– School- based trauma-informed practices and creative mental health support.

– Groups and workshops (coming soon)

– Wellness Retreats (see website for upcoming Retreats Stefanie is hosting)

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Samantha A Field. I am a Licensed professional counselor, a Certified addiction counselor and trained in EMDR and somatic trauma work. I earned my MA in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa. I have traveled the world studying and working towards implementing accessible and inclusive healthcare. I came to the path of therapy after being on the road as a music manager, I then realized that therapy is a need everywhere and can be done anywhere. I studied wilderness therapy because of my passion for being outside and working with horses, but additionally because wilderness therapy allows the space to get creative in how we do therapy and how we do life.

I work towards providing a unique therapeutic approach blends talk therapy, wilderness and equine therapy, somatic trauma informed, mindfulness practices, and horticultural therapy. I offer a nurturing, accessible, and inclusive therapy experience. My approach is experiential, and is focused on self-care. I have extensive knowledge and training in working with diverse populations, and work with a social justice lens.

As a Queer identified woman, my identity has radically informed my personal and professional world. I am passionate about not only being a therapist in the office but a community organizer outside of the office. I believe my social justice work enables me to build strong relationships and it directly benefits my work as a therapist.

I have a strong belief in self-care and believe that if I don’t prioritize caring for myself it is hard to do it in the rest of my life. I work towards embodying the idea of sustainable urgency when it comes to self-care and the state of our world, meaning we are in a state of emergency/chaos often, but we must work at a sustainable pace with ourselves, community members, co-workers, family and the environment to ensure we do not burnout in our personal or professional world. 


Madison S. Faulkner, Earthling Educator of Systematic Solutions
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